This blog is dedicated to anyone who is planning to settle in France or to travel for a long period in this beautiful country. We will be talking about culture, food, politics, language, history… In one word “EVERYTHING” We won’t sort or tell what is the best movie or who are the best actors… but […]

Several days without writing and I come back with a post about food…. And I’m not even doing a diet…. mmmm Australia has its Tim Tams cookies,  England its McVities, France its Bastogne! Basically it tastes like Speculos but better. This apparent proximity could make us think that this is a Belgian cookies, and even […]

Don’t worry I won’t write a boring article on the French political system, but at least I will try to explain in a simple way how this country is ruled and the different institutions you will hear about when you will be there. First 2 principles: Justice is totally independent from executive and there is […]

One of the thing you’ll notice in France, it’s their habit to always drink a coffee on the terrasse of a café. I can’t think of another country with this terrasse culture, actually you can found it in some cities (eg. Rome, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Wellington etc), but here we’re talking about a whole country […]

One of the difficulty when you arrive in a new place is to adapt yourself to the way people talk. Even though you speak a perfect academic French, you’ll struggle to understand what your new friends are talking about. So below a small dictionary of street French, feel free to comment and to add other […]

I’m a real bad cook, but I love to eat sweet things, and fortunately for me France is a place where they know what they’re doing when it comes to pastry. And if there’s one thing I can’t resist it’s macaron… I don’t know if you ever had one, but for me it drags a […]

Believe it or not but rap/hip-hop started in the early 80’s in France following closely the US. At the beginning it was mostly focused on dance (break and smurf), gratifies, and underground radio stations (animated by DJ Dee Nasty and Sydney for example). The music scene really took off in the late 80’s on radio […]

I will definitely spend more time describing all the different wines in the future, but i wanted to share this map with you. I found it on a forum so I don’t have the exact source. Feel free to share.